Hello today I shall be going over which brakes will happen to go out first on a vehicle. Then talk about the importance of brakes and so fourth.


Well what are brakes? They are the what helps the vehicle come to a complete stop. There are two brakes on each rotor so overall there are 8 brakes on your vehicle.

Well when do you know the brakes are going bad? Many cases when you push the brake and you can hear it screeching is the main way to tell if your brakes are going out. The screeching is from the metal on metal contact from the brakes to the rotors. This only happens when the brakes are worn to the point of being absolutely useless.

In most cases the brakes that will go out first are the front brakes. There is no telling which side will need them first but if you decide you need new brakes do both sides and not just the one.

The reason behind the front brakes going out first is because the front brakes do 70-80% of the braking of the vehicle. The back brakes do about 20-30% so they will take a lot longer to wear down compared to the front brakes.

How to change my own brakes?

Well first of all you will need a jack. Then find the frame underneath and start jacking it up so that you can free the tire that you will be working on. Then once that has been accomplished proceed to take off the tire. You’ll need an impact to do so keeping that in mind take off all of the lug nuts. Put them in a safe area so they do not get lost.

Then take off the tire this may require some grunting as most tires are heavy such as my truck tire. Then once you have gotten it off time to look around to see if your rotor is good and if your brakes are bad.

Then once you have done that take out the Caliper bolts these will be tight be careful not to bust a knuckle while pushing on the ratchet. Then once you have gotten the two Caliper bolts out take off the Caliper make sure to have a bungee cord to hold up the Caliper.

Once you have the bungee cord make sure the Caliper is not pulling the brake line you want it up and free so that it is not in the way while working.

Then now you should be able to take off the Caliper bracket to check the brakes. Now how to check if the brakes are bad here is a picture to show that the brakes are bad.

5 Symptoms of Bad or Worn Brake Pads (You Shouldn't Ignore)

For this the left side is the brand new brake pad the right is worn down and useless. If the line in the middle is no longer engraved you need new brakes if you look closely on the right side that is actually metal not the ceramic mixture that brakes are made of.

So that brake pad has been bad for awhile now because of the scrapes you can see from the rotor to brake.

Replacing brakes.

Now to put the brakes back in just do the same steps but backwards. New brake pads go in but before you do that you have to push in the Caliper pistons.


So do this by grabbing one of the new brake pads and push it in all the way to ensure the new brakes can get on.

Once that has been accomplished you can put the brakes on with the Caliper bracket. Make sure the nuts are tight (not to tight they may snap) Then proceed to put the Caliper back on after pushing back the pistons of course. Once it is on then tighten the bolts and the brakes are now changed! Put the tire back on and make sure its tight lower the jack and the car is set to go.

Last thing make sure to pump those brakes the pistons need to move inward with pressure so if you finish this and start driving your brakes will need a couple pumps before they work so lets avoid a accident by pumping them now.

Anyway today I have gone over how to tell if a brake is bad and how to change them as a future mechanic I hope this information will help you further understand cars and why maintenance is important see you next time thank you for reading my blog.

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