Hello today we will be going over what is going on when the vehicle is reaching high speeds and begins to shake.


So has your car been shaking so much to the point where you though you were at sea? Well here we are hopefully going to go over why this occurs and maybe a way to fix this issue.

If the vehicle begins to shake chance is the suspension on the vehicle is out of alignment. Which may in many cases cause the vehicle to vibrate at certain speeds.

Now this shaking may also occur at the slower speeds of a vehicle as well, but more likely to happen at freeway speeds. A bad alignment may be induced by potholes, hitting curbs which may cause things to give in the suspension.

When that happens some of the suspension bushings could potentially become a problem. To check if the cars alignment is off the best way is to take it to a shop.

Tire rotation

So another reason could be that the tires are unevenly worn out on the vehicle. Which in many cases could cause the vehicle to vibrate at higher speeds.

Tires that are worn can happen if there is a bad alignment or something wrong in suspension. This could cause the vibration to get even worse at higher speeds. If it happens the tires are worn badly get a shop to look into replacing them so the roller coaster ride goes away.

Suspension bushings

Another problem that may be causing the vibration at higher speeds are worn out bushings. Like ball joints and the control arm bushings. My girlfriend who had an infiniti G35 had the control arms go out and it is not cheap.

Make sure if you have this problem to get the vehicle into a shop to inspect the suspension. That way the problem can be figured out and solved.

Wheel life

The reason this is important information to take in is that bumps and cubs can cause things to be bent. If they become bent they will cause the car to shake at higher speeds.

In some cases you can get a visual inspection done on the wheel which isn’t the most accurate. The best way to check if the wheel is damaged or bent is through a road force/ balance machine.

Suspension parts like control arms and tie rods can become bent from potholes and curbs. Some other things like a minor accident may cause this as well.

Those may cause the car to vibrate at the higher speeds and maybe even some lower speeds. Warped rotors may cause this as well, but only when brakes are applied. Make sure that the brakes aren’t bad as well as this may make the vibration worse if the brakes are also bad.

This is because when the brakes are applied the messed up rotor is working against it to make the braking harder. If this is happening replace the rotors for a better braking and stopping speed.


Overall when the vehicle you own starts to have a death wobble or in general shake the car where your going into hyper drive. Go get it checked out by a mechanic to save your time and the money wasted if you just go and buy new tires. To add to that an alignment cannot be done unless a mechanic does it because they have the specialized machines to do it. You can do a tire rotation but if that doesn’t work take it to a mechanic.

Thank you for reading my blog it goes a long way.

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