This filter is probably the only filter I as a mechanic would recommend as these filters are meant to last. These filters cost a little more than the average air filter but the benefits out way the price.


Every filter that isn’t aftermarket is usually disposable and have to get replaced every 15k miles or so. K&N makes it so that their air filters are at the top of game so nobody can even compete with them. These are meant to last the entire life of the vehicle and a 10-year/Million mile limited warranty.

I don’t know of a single company that would even try to warranty out a air filter. That’s because K&N is the top dog and will keep your cars air flow at maximum performance.

Increased Performance

The high-flow cotton in the air filter allows over 50% added airflow whereas those crappy paper filters can only let so much air pass through. The greater airflow will cause some improvement in the horsepower and torque.

These air filters are tested on a Super Flow bench which is testing the aerodynamic qualities of the engine component.

Engine Protection

The top tier K&N filters have among thousands of micro cotton fibers which can catch dirt and protect the engine from internal damage. The filters are layered in oiled cotton to ensure that it will catch every particle with the airflow. Every filter is tested in a laboratory to make sure that their product meets every standard to the very dot.

Saving our planet

At least 100 million of those paper air filters are filled in landfills every year. K&N’s air filters provide no wasted other than the packaging. Choosing this style of air filter that lasts the entire age of the vehicle helps in saving the planet from the amount of unnecessary waste.

Removal and Installation

This air filter is so easy to install that you may want to do it yourself! K&N makes it fit just as easily as every other air filter on the market. Doing this also ensures that its easy to remove to wash and keep the air flow moving through intake.

Cleaning supplies

As someone who owns a K&N air filter I love these products they are designed to ensure that every little corner is cleaned. This means that you don’t have to waste more money installing a new filter and these bottles last so long I can’t put it into words.


As someone who loves to work and drive cars. K&N will always be my air filter brand to go with. Its a price that is affordable and I don’t think twice about buying it for every car I own. I tell my family and friends to use this product as it is reliable and affordable. What more could you ask for? A warranty? has it. As I have said this is the top dog and nobody can prove K&N otherwise.