Hello today we will be going over what Cataclean is and what it will do for your catalytic converters.

Well what is a catalytic converter? It helps reduce the air pollution so that it could do less harm to people and do less damage to the environment. The catalytic converter also helps quiet down the exhaust to make all the neighbors around you happy.

What is Cataclean and how do I use it?

Cataclean is an additive that is meant for the fuel and exhaust system. It is a cleaner that has been approved by the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency). This product works to reduce the carbon build inside of the vehicles catalytic converter(s).

Cataclean isn’t just meant for the catalytic converter. The distinctive formula that is also helping clean other crucial parts inside of the exhaust and fuel system. In the fuel system we have the oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, cylinder head, fuel regulator and much more.

Now like fuel injector cleaner this is poured into the gas tank of the vehicle. Unlike fuel injector cleaner this does not affect the fuel composition. There are specific formulas that are designed for different gas vehicles such as gas,hybrid and diesel. That means a big 3500 truck could use this and all the way down to a Geo metro.

In the details of the manufacturer the product cataclean can lower emissions by at most 50%. This product has been proven to be so efficient that all 50 states allow the use of it.

This formula is a distinctive combination of hydrocarbons and fuel additives. These components are used for the soul purpose of the fuel combustion process. Other competitor products work before the combustion process to remove the mess that has been built from the inside.

What happens if I don’t clean my catalytic converter and it builds up?

There is a handful of things that may go wrong with the vehicle when a catalytic converter isn’t running correctly. Such as:

-Loss of horsepower from the carbon buildup. no more racing and wining sadly.

-loss of MPG basically more fuel for the same task.

-more carbon emissions which is not good.

-Vehicle can become louder which is good if you like it but still bad.

-Exhaust has a burnt smell coming out.

If you don’t pay attention to this the side effects can cause an improperly running vehicle to shut down. If not careful this could happen depending on how long it runs like that.

How this process with catalytic converter happens.

This is the way of creating the less harmful emissions will cause the catalytic converter to naturally get worn out. If the catalytic converter has buildup that means it has been doing its job to protect us from harmful emissions.

When the build up exceeds to far the catalytic converter is no longer able to run as efficient as it once did. This will indeed cause the air to fuel ratio to be incorrect. This term is called ”running rich”.

Over long periods of time the catalytic itself will stop working and be worn past its use. This will happen in almost all vehicle just as parts need to be replaced as everyone knows. Cataclean may help prevent this by extending its use but in the end it will more than likely need to be replaced.

Process of using Cataclean

This process is beyond easy there is no possible way to mess it up so be confident!

Step one: Open the seal on the cataclean. Make sure the vehicle has 1/4 tank so this can run its course faster. Then pour the bottle into the fuel tank in the same spot you would pour gas.

Step Two: drive the vehicle for around 10-20 minutes around higher speeds so the catalclean can run through the system.

Step Three: If the check engine light is on clear it after the driving has been done so it has some knowledge on how the car is running with cataclean.

Step Four: Refill the gas now. Fill it as you normally would since we already drove it.

Step Five: If there are error codes still appearing drive at least 50 miles to let the OBD2 do its work.

If these steps are followed the catalytic converter should be clean and ready for use. Sometimes this may take a bit for the cleaner to work its way through the system. The next time you fill up it should have worked its way through.

Thank you for reading I hope this really helps!