Today I will be going over why people may not have brake pressure when pushing on the brake pedal. Will go over possible answers and course of action depending on what kind of pressure it may be.

To start with this if the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor and you feel like there is little to no braking check the fluid level. There may not be enough fluid to push it all the way through the system.

If the fluid is low top it off and pump the brakes a few times to see it that did the trick or not. If not go look at the fluid again to see if it is lower than what you filled it up to (may vary in case if you had no fluid). If so you may have a leak in the brake system.

Which could be very dangerous leading to the fact that you currently do not have a lot of pressure in the system. So with this situation you are going to need to figure out if there’s a leak or just air in the system.

Well in case you think there is air in the system I have already posted a blog in detail on how to bleed the brakes on a car unless you wanna take it to a mechanic.

That link will lead you the viewer to my other post which will tell you about bleeding your brakes.

Anyway if the pressure is gone because of a leak have someone sit in the vehicle and pump the brakes while another person looks for the leak. There should be an area that is leaking around the Caliper most likely.

Replacing a brake line(hose)

So if you have found a leak in the system pray it is a hose and not the actual brake line. If it is a brake line this could cost around 100$-500$ by a shop for it to be done and legal.

If it is a hose that should be an easy 20$ fix on your own. If the hose is the issue all you have to do is drain the fluid you have into a bucket if you want to reuse.

Next then replace the bad hose after all the fluid has been drained out so you can properly put on the line without worrying about losing any fluid or doing it super quick.

Once installed just throw the old hose in the garbage and put either new fluid or the old fluid. Me personally might as well put in new brake fluid so that you do not have to worry about the old fluid being bad.


The master cylinder within the caliper may also be going bad if you see no leaks or fluid going out.

The master cylinder may be pushing air into the lines so that is another reason there may not be any pressure.

There may also be a case where the cylinder may be old and the seals are worn out so it does not compress when you push onto the brakes. In this case you will need to replace the master cylinders for the caliper.

Then the pistons should get pressure while pushing on the brakes giving you better pedal resistance than it had currently.


Overall brakes are very important. If the vehicle you are driving has no pressure the brakes are not working do not drive it because you could be held liable if the problem was there and you got into a car crash.

At the end of the day brakes are not something to take lightly this is life and death scenario if your brakes don’t work you could be held liable if that vehicle gets into an accident etc.

Just make sure if the brakes are acting weird to either do it yourself the day of. Or let it sit until a mechanic can take a look at what the problem may be.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope this will help you understand more about keeping things up to date on your vehicle.