Hello there today I will be going over the Rhino Ramps max and how useful they are to me and the strength compared to metal ramps.

So the Rhino car ramps that I had bought at my local parts store are very useful compared to the metal ones I also have.

The Pros of the Rhino car ramps are the amount of weight it can hold. These car ramps can hold up to 16,000 pounds! Which means any 3500 trucks can use these (if there’s no extra weight in the bed of the vehicle/modifications).

There is also many other things that the Rhino ramps provide for the common consumer such as non-skid base which reduces slippage when moving the vehicle onto and off the car ramps.

This is a big help because most other car ramps do not provide non-skid technology so it is harder to get the vehicle up without the ramps moving.

The Rhino ramps also provide the easy access for getting underneath the vehicle for oil changes especially lower clearance vehicles.

The best thing about these ramps is that they are completely portable and easy too manipulate. The weight of these are around 20 pounds total.

Cons of Metal ramps

A big factor with metal ramps that turns me away is that metal ramps will always slide. To add to that they will also damage whatever they slide on and leave a mark.

This does not make anyone happy doing damage to their garage floor or driveway. The Rhino ramps do not do this so everyone is smiling because the product does its job.

Another thing about the metal car ramps is that they slowly rust where as Rhino ramps are plastic so they can last forever if you take good care of them.

Overall though Rhino ramps have most if not all competitors beat with the none skid technology and the incredible weight capacity.

To end this off I strongly believe the Rhino car ramps are the best to use out of any ramps for personal use.


Here’s a picture of my truck up on the ramps with no problem at all for doing oil changes!

Here is a link for the 16,000 pound product link which I think is totally worth buying!


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