Hello today we will be going over the infamous penny test for tread depth on a tire. This is the cheapest way to check if you need new tires! This test is quick and easy can help you decide when you need new tires.

Penny test

To check your tread depth you don’t need a tread depth tester or the smarts . Find a penny it is all that you will need!

Place the penny in the tread upside down, Lincolns head should go into the groove head first in other words.

If you can see Lincolns head you’re still good, but the tread is getting low and you need to think about getting new tires. If Lincolns head is fully visible you need new tires that means the tread depth is beneath 2/32 and it is illegal to drive with.

Do the penny test multiple times as in the other grooves in each tire. If in any tire you can see Lincolns full head in any groove you need new tires.

If in any of the grooves there’s more tread there are many ways that could happen such as Over inflation, under inflation, suspension, alignment and many more things.

The Penny Test: Measuring Tire Tread Depth | Tire America
Tire Tread Depth | Firestone Complete Auto Care

Why check your tread depth?

With good tire depth, your vehicle will be able to grip the road very well. This is very important especially when its wet, snowy or on a dirt road. It also helps prevent you from hydroplaning. Once the tread depth is less than ideal the tires are more likely to slip and slide making you dangerous to everyone else on the road.

When the tires are worn many other components may be worn as well. As the tires wear the rest of the vehicle slowly feels the strain more and more as the tread gets less. While tires may be a bit on the pricey side they will definitely be worth the investment.

Check your tread today!

Grab some spare change from the piggy bank. Give the penny test a shot it’ll only cost a cent! pun intended it’ll only take a few minutes and find out if it’s the right time to make a big investment on some tires.


As someone who has experience with tires check the tread depth. It takes no time and literally no money. Not checking your tires could lead you into some serious issue in the near future.

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