Meaning multigrade oil indicated by the two numbers. It shows thickness and viscosity of the oil on start up. The W stands for winter which means this oil is used on the performance of an engine that has been cold.

Definition of Oil

First of all, what is oil? Oil is a fossil fuel made up mostly of hydrocarbons. Oil can be found in underground reservoirs in the cracks and crevices, and the pores of sedimentary rock; or in tar sands near the earth’s surface.

Oil is originally found like that then modified for the use of motor-powered vehicles.

Importance of Oil

The oil for the engine is a lubricant that consists of base oils enhanced with various additives, particularly antiwear additives, detergents, dispersants, and, for multi-grade oils, viscosity index improvers. Motor oil has been used for the lubrication internal combustion of the engine.

Now you may ask well what does oil really do for my car? Well, first it acts as a lubricant for the engine parts. The oil also cleans your car engine as the oil is filtered through it.

Oil helps keep debris from building up inside the engine and keeps it clean. The debris is then transported to the oil filter.

Oil changes

Well now that we know what oil does we should probably talk about how to change your oil.

First what you need to have is an Oil filter and the oil you are going to use. If you do not know what oil your car takes in go to your nearest Auto parts store I prefer O’Reilly and they should be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Once you have your oil and filter what you need to do is either jack up your car or drive it up on ramps that are meant for this purpose.

I personally use ramps so I drive my truck up and park it also using the emergency brake then shut it off so that my engine can cool down for a second.

Draining oil

Then what you need to do is find the oil drain plug and make sure you have an oil pan with you. Once you find the oil plug get your ratchet and get it loose to where you can use your fingers.

Now that you can spin it with your fingers get the oil pan ready to move because you don’t want to clean up an oil spill. Now once you are about to pull it out be careful cause it’s very hot. Pull the drain plug and catch all the oil it should be done draining in about 2-6 minutes.

Great now that its done draining put the drain plug back in. Do Not tighten it get it close with a ratchet once you feel it almost done just pull a little bit to make it snug up.

By tightening those drain plugs they can easily be stripped so be careful. So now you have gotten the drain plug back in onto the oil filter.

Oil filter

The oil filter will still have oil so make sure the drain pan is directly beneath it. Now to get the oil filter off there’s a few ways we can go about this.

You could use your hand to see if it can spin off using some of that muscle you have, but most likely the last person who did this may or may not have been you.

So if it’s on pretty tight, you need either an Oil filter wrench or an Oil removal socket. Now I strongly suggest the Oil filter wrench because from personal experience the socket gets stuck on the oil filter and then it gets dirty etc.

Now either of those will work and make sure you are turning it the right way it should be tight to where you might groan a bit trying to break that oil filter loose.

Once that oil filter is loose take off the tool you are using and hand twist the oil filter. If the oil starts spewing out just let it run for a second and go back to spinning it.

Ok, the oil filter should be almost off be careful not to drop it. Get it off and quickly turn it upside down to let the oil in the filter drain out.

Great we are almost done. Now to put the new oil filter on making sure to put a little bit of oil on the new filter. Use some of the new oil you just bought.

I normally put some in the hole and on the outer seal then you can put the oil filter back on and once it’s up there use the oil wrench or socket to make sure it’s tight so no oil leaks.

Putting oil into your car

Alright, now you can get in your car and pop the hood you now need to put in some new oil. First, you have to find the oil cap which should have the same symbol as the image below.

ACDelco FC212 Oil Cap - -

Now take off the oil cap turn it and then lift is how most of these are designed. Once you have done that make sure to put it somewhere it won’t fall.

Then get a funnel and the new oil you have just bought. Make sure to only pour in the exact amount you do not want an extra quart of oil in your engine.

Now pour in the amount of oil needed some cars may need more than others make sure you know these amounts before pouring the oil.

alright once you are done pouring take out the funnel and use a rag to clean it out in case you wanna use it for something else.

ok now that the funnel is out of the way out your oil cap back on make sure it’s tight. Then close your hood and get in your car.

Once you are in your car turn off the emergency brake or get the car off the jack stands. But we’re assuming you are using ramps.

Turn on your vehicle and put it in reverse to get off those ramps. Then hop on out and let your vehicle continue running.

Clean up all your tools and equipment while your car is running. Once you have cleaned up return to your car.

Check your oil pressure make sure it’s around normal(where it normally sits in park)

Then pop your hood and check the oil. Now you may be wondering why check my oil I just filled it?

Well, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Check the oil dipstick it should have a yellow circle to pull on. Should look almost identical to the picture below.

HELP Engine Oil Dipstick-917-326 - The Home Depot

Pull the dipstick make sure to have a rag and wipe off what’s on it. Then put it back in for 3-5 seconds and pull it out again.

Check the reading to make sure it says full (there are many different kinds of dipsticks make sure you know how to read yours if you do not know how to read you can simply google it or go to a local auto parts store for some help). Once you’ve made sure it says full put the dipstick back in.

Now the dipstick is back in close the hood get in your car and shut it off. You have just completed an oil change all on your own! Give yourself a pat on the back. You are now slowly on the road to Knowing more about your car and taking care of it!

Now before I forget you may be wondering where to drop off your oil and oil filter? I go to O’Reilly and they let you come in and drain your oil pan and drop off the oil filters for free. You just need to simply give them your address and the amount of oil you are giving them.

Conclusion: We have gone over how to do an oil change and the proper way to do it. Now with this information, I strongly suggest doing an oil change on your own. You know your car better than anyone else and it saves you roughly 30$ every time. Also, change your oil every 3,000 miles unless you wanna seize your engine.

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