Here we are going to be talking about the hopeful pros and cons on having a muffler delete stick around to find out.


Mufflers are meant to help keep emissions to a minimal and to keep the vehicle as quite as possible.

Cost efficient

While we talk about the potential benefits of the muffler delete pros and cons the cost effective way is to use. This device is to make sure that the exhaust pipe is running to about factory specs or better.

The best part is the muffler can always be replaced because of the accessibility.

Horsepower improved

The muffler that comes with a vehicle decreases a cars performance. When the muffle delete occurs the performance increases.

This also helps mainly because there is nothing blocking the exhaust path or any crap clogging the exhaust pipe.

This is true to many older cars that were built 20 or so years ago. Removing the muffler will increase the exhaust air flow while letting the engine back pressure still being good.

Many older style mufflers are more closed off than the modern mufflers of today. So this is a understandable reason as to why muffler deletes provide a benefit to older cars.

This makes the American Muscle come out in a car but the specs for the horsepower and torque that are gained are quite the treat.

Overall this is not true if we are talking about modern cars. More car brands are making mufflers that have improved exhaust flow without the satisfying noise.

In many cases doing a muffler delete will only give the sound and nothing extra to the vehicle. Also now that it is a newer car it may go into ECU or LIMP mode and a check engine light may occur.

Roaring lion

The main reason people want to remove their muffler is for that crisp sound. The sound of the engine while driving gets better with a muffler delete.

Now a muffler delete will open in the inner aura of the exhaust system. The air rushing through the exhaust will come out loud and aggressive.

Most people like myself get addicted to the sound of the exhaust when the pedal goes to the metal. The crackling afterwards is to die for but now be careful.

Most people do not like modified exhausts especially my neighbors. Nobody will appreciate a straight piped car roaring around early in the morning.


When you begin to dust people with the improved horsepower. More people will begin to notice the clean rear end of the vehicle. No muffler hanging out below making the car irresistible and perfect just as you wanted.

Another great thing is that a muffler ways a good 20-30 pounds so now it may not seem like a lot, but that will take some stress off the vehicle.


Why are you booing of course there is harm to muffler deletes…or is there?

Noise control

As the acceleration increases the sound gets to be more satisfying but, the muffle delete system will also start a very noticeable droning sound at normal speeds.

A straight pipe drone can get super annoying that will cause the NVH tuning of the interior. You will not be pleased on longer drives.

The idling cry

If you cut out a muffler or remove it from a modern day car this will cause the ECU chip to go crazy. Making the performance go bad and terrible idle.

This can be avoided if you purchase a Catback exhaust system, Higher flow muffler or a Tune chip to make up for the lost muffler. If the muffler just gets sawed off there will be major issues in the near future.


The place where the muffler is cut may cause an issue. A straight pipe will leave you will a lot of gunk and dirt. The best part is this gunk may be able to mess with paint on your vehicle so make sure to stay up on cleaning the muffler.


At the end of the day the exhaust is better off performance wise. If a muffler delete occurs do it in a way so that the performance is saved. If the performance is not stick away from doing it unless there is a better option. Mufflers deletes are good for sound don’t get it wrong but be careful on how or where you do it.

Thank you for reading it means a lot and goes a long way!

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