Today I am going to go over the worst Motor oils to put into your engine. Well you may be thinking well its just oil why does this matter? Well for you and I that’s what i’m explaining today.

Liberty Motor Oil

So as we all know you need oil in your car no matter what. Well in this case we are going to find out what oils not to put in.

With Liberty oil this brand says promising results but in reality it doesn’t meet them.

This oil has a viscosity level 70% requirement. Which is ridiculous and should not be sold in any store. To add to this Liberty motor oil contains more volatility than allowed…Because that is increased the evaporation rated increases so then it’ll just burn inside your engine therefore wasting money.

There are additives in this oil but after some research it has been known to have a lower level of additive in a single quart.

Overall this oil is straight garbage I have no idea who would ever want to buy this.

Petrola Motor oil

This brand is misleading to the customer potentially wanting to buy this product it has wrong information all over the container.

So the labels have incorrect readings which means you shouldn’t buy this product you have no idea what else could go wrong.

Anyway this brand also is know to provide a level way below for the viscosity for the user. Which is scary to know this if you have been putting this motor oil into your car. I’m pretty sure nobody has I have personally stuck to one oil which we can get to later.

This oil is meant for vehicles made after the 1930s which is almost a century now you gotta think that this oil wouldn’t work. This oil will cause great damage to the vehicle making it a bad motor making your car off to the junk yard.

Xpress Lube pro

This is a brand that has just no reputation left to begin with. This motor oil does not meet the SAE grade requirement for SAE motor oils.

This brand of oil has promised that it has the SAE amount in but the tests given with this motor oil will make you fall out of your chair.

This assumption is broad but most drivers don’t use older vehicles anymore if I do say so by watching the cars while I drive. The main point is this oil can’t even be used in modern day models the elements in this oil have been found to be harmful that you should be away from.

The fake labeling on this should just be a immediate turn away for this brand. They promise to serve the required specifications but never have met them.


This so called quality motor oil brand has ensured premium motor oil in their product. Which in this case was morally just wrong to lie.

Anyway there is no premium quality material in the labeled oil the only thing premium about this was the premium damage it will do to your engine.

There is also harmful substances so that’s another no no. Also even if you wanted to try to use this brand can\’t even use it in the newer cars.

Yet again we have another motor oil who says they meet the viscosity grade yet they never have and never will. The only promise made here is the cold crank is at -13degrees which is terrible for people in MN that is like a monday in december.

Quaker stat Q

This motor oil is a very misleading and has false information as well. Looking at the product you can see different labeling on the body of the Quaker product.

The specifications of this product has promises to have are no the ones you want and or need. They claim they have them multi-viscosity motor oil yet it really doesn’t don’t be trapped with this bullcrap.

Using this in a new car you’d basically just be giving the junkyard its new inmate because that is where the car will be headed after its next drive.

Furthermore it has not even close to the necessary additives for the vehicle. The engine will run like it is out of oil rough and hard. Basically it is not even oil at this point.


After reading all of this you probably never even heard of any of these oils. Well I’d like to say lets keep it that way bit you already read the article.

To understand you should always stick to a recommended brand by a O’reilly employee and your mechanic that way you don’t have to beat yourself up over a wrong choice.

Most motor oils out in stores today are good and there to help actually make your vehicle run unlike these garbage oils.

In the event that I need oil I have always used Mobil 1. I use 5W-30 synthetic with dexos on the label to ensure the best performance I can get from my GMC Sierra.

Also I know I did not mention it me personally I do not recommend using Fram motor oil or filters to me presentation is just terrible. At the end of the day you have better options like Royal purple at that point.


So this is to go over the important things this article is getting across. First do not use motor oil that a well known car store (O’reilly) would sell you. Second before you start looking for the best motor oil to put in your car make sure to consult your mechanic I cannot know what certain cars want for performance etc. So make sure to find a good brand to stick with to keep your vehicle running strong. Third after you found the oil you want to move forward with make sure you know all the pros and cons cause Mobil 1 to me is just the best overall brand for daily drivers. Overall just make sure the oil you choose is right for you and this shall wrap up the worst oil debate or so I hope.

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