Hello there! Today we shall be going over what a Mass air flow (MAF) sensor is and how to clean one.

What is a MAF sensor? Here is a picture as to what you’d be cleaning.


MAF in detail

A MAF sensor monitors the temperature and percentage of air entering the engine. The computer within the vehicle checks that information to make sure the car doesn’t run lean or rich and other operation conditions.

This sensor is worked by using a platinum wire that is heated and is measuring the amount of air to keep it at constant temperature. Over the course of time there will be dirt and grime that gets up into the wired plate as the picture above shows.

Then because of this they get baked on the metal wiring from the airstream. This will cause poor gas mileage, starting issues, idle and acceleration problems with the vehicle.

Most car brands say if the MAF is like this that you should replace it. But if you are smart and clean the MAF sensor regularly there’s no need to replace it because it’ll still be running at top efficiency.

MAF cleaner costs around 10$ so clean it like every oil change to avoid spending 300$ to replace it. So we can go over how to do it so there’s no need to panic.

But before you get all in the air system and the air filter and the throttle body to see how the system is all set up. Make sure that the proper tools are available to your disposal.

Once all the tools are in hand locate the MAF between the throttle body and the air filter. Before anything is done make sure you know how to take it apart and put it back together.

Take a video or watch a youtube video on the specific vehicle and carefully remove the MAF sensor not to damage it while cleaning it.

Spray the cleaner onto the wire plating do not scrub as this could damage the wire mesh. Allow the MAF to completely dry before reinstalling it into the air duct .

Well that should be all on helping you clean the MAF sensor. Make sure this is done carefully and correctly for good results. Thanks for reading means alot!

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