Today i’m going to help you out by talking about how to change your own tire. We are going to go over some aspects of the tire before we can fully change your tire.

First of all what is a tire?

A tire is a circular shaped component that surrounds the rim to transfer the vehicles weight from the axle through the wheel to the ground to provide traction on the surface over which the wheel travels on.

So what i’m getting at is the tire basically holds up all the weight of your vehicle. This is very important so your tire needs to have air in it to hold up your vehicle.

Air pressure

That air is called PSI(pound-force per square inch) once put into the tire. PSI is a unit of pressure or stress based on avoirdupois units. It’s the pressure resulted from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch.

Now you may be asking why is this important well the air doesn’t always stay in your tire. Your tires will gradually lose air pressure as time goes on like it or not.

But tire pressure drastically changes do to weather conditions. So for example here in MN the temperature gets very cold so we tend to lose a lot of air pressure.

You lose 1-2 pounds of pressure for every 10 degrees dropped in temperature this also works both ways so you will also gain 1-2 pounds of pressure for every 10 degree increase in the wheater.

Ok so now we have gone over air pressure when should you check it and if so how do you? Me personally Check every 2-4 weeks depending on the changing temperatures do it more often.

Checking air pressure

Well how you check air pressure? You need a simple and cheap tool called an air pressure gauge. The nice and easy portable one should look like this.

Portable Car Tire Pressure Gauge Pen Shape Emergency Use Motorcycle Tyre Air  Pressure Test Meter Tester Car Styling - -

All you gotta do is unscrew the little cap on your rim push this bad boy on and depending on the kind you buy its either a quick press and pull it off to get a reading.

Or you have to hold it onto the valve to get the reading. Either way works as long as you get a correct reading.

Ok now you have your reading well now how do you know what to fill the tire up to? Well there is a few ways to go about this so let me tell you.

Most likely your car has the same tire size the manufacture has recommended for said vehicle. So the easiest way to do this is to open the driverside door.

Finding Your Tire Size | Sullivan Tire & Auto Service

This can be found on the door once it is open if read carefully it says the front tires of this car needs to be at 33psi and the back needs to be at 41psi.

That is one way of being able to figure out the tire pressure needed for the tires. Another way is looking at the tire it will be kinda hard to read but you should be able to see it.

Does putting extra air in the tires help a car cope with carrying extra  weight? - Quora

Now as see it says the max Psi is 44 clearly we cannot put 44psi into the car. So what I would do is refer back to the tire chart of your car if not simply just go down a little bit.

Here I’d say put it around 36-38 psi just to be safe if you don’t have the tire chart on the driver side door.

What happens if my tire pressure is low?

Well if the cars tire pressure is low most newer cars 2007 and up will tell you to go and fill up the tire pressure.

To add to that those sensors will not help you when filling up tire pressure spend the 2$ for the tire pressure gauge.

Do not let tire pressure get low because what will happen is. Gas mileage will go down drastically like 1-5 MPG. If the tire is also low on air pressure it will be more susceptible to a puncture.

Now tire pressure affects other areas as well. Such as the tires alignment. What is a tire alignment?

Tire alignment

Well cars normally need alignments every so often to make sure the vehicle drives straight.

While driving if you experience jerking to one side,steering is off, the death wobble get that checked out.

What does an alignment do? Helps the tires perform properly and may help them last longer.

The alignment can improve handling on the car. Stop the vehicle from also pulling or vibrating strangely on the road.

What the mechanics do to your car is the adjust certain things such as cas and camber. Also while doing the alignment they will test road force and potentially put weights on to balance it out.

Tire rotation

Tire rotation is the method of moving the wheels and tires from one position to another to ensure tire wear extends the useful life of a set of tires.

So move the front 2 tires to the back and take the back to tires and put them in the front on opposite ends if the car is Front Wheel drive.

If the car is Rear Wheel drive then back tires moved to front and front tires in the back on opposite sides.

Doing this will help the longevity of those tires since 2 tires will always wear out faster depending on weight and power given to those tires.

One more thing the tire rotation for AWD(all wheel drive) is a complete X-pattern.

Left front to right rear, Right rear to left front,Right front goes to left rear, Left rear goes to right front.

This information may or may not be useful I for sure hope it is.


Here we have gone over the basic importance of a tire. Such as when to fill up your tire, How to check your tire, Align the tires, and rotate the tires. Now after all this make sure to check tire pressure regularly and you should be ok. Alignment and tire rotation are more of a personal thing that you should look into if you have those problems . Likewise use this information to your advantage!

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