Hello there I will be going over the pros and cons of installing a cold air intake on a vehicle. Such as looks performance and other complications and or benefits that may occur.

What is a cold air intake?

A cold air intake is a step up from the basic air manifold. Now this step up you remove the manifold from the engine bay and begin to replace with a nicer and bigger cold air intake.

The main thing this will do is move it farther away from the engine to get colder air into the system so the colder air allows more fuel to be burned which is why you feel better acceleration.

A cold air intakes main job is to take air into the engine. Starting through the air filter which is now open and then through the intake. Which continues throughout the throttle body depending on the car you have(If you have turbo inlet hose on a turbo charged vehicle).

The cold air intake will help get a better combustion in the system because of the colder air coming into the system.

Pros of the cold air intake

The cold air intake you buy should be able to achieve more power do to the factor of being moved further away from the engine bay. Now that is out of the engine bay and closer to the fender it tends to point closer towards the ground instead of up.

Well there is a reason behind most cold air intakes being pointed downwards. Everyone should know the term heat rises so doing this will make sure the cold air intake gets the coldest air possible.

Now that the air is cooler the air coming in is denser than before this is crucial to remember about the filter placement when buying one.

So the filter gets put further out and now the air is being brought in colder more fuel can be burned so the power on the throttle exceeds previous manifold.

Cons of the cold air intake

Most of the time the cold air intake will get denser air than a normal intake manifold. The manifold direction is important the further out the more costly it gets.

The more of a path that needs to be taken leads to a more difficult installation process. The greatest weakness is the location of the cold air intake which in return is also the greatest strength of it.

Having a filter that is outside the engine bay is great for the better hp and denser air coming in. The location of the air filter is the issue in most cases it gets placed where the most debris and moisture are present.

Lets say you live in an area where snow and or water are present. If that hits a cold air intake and gets sucked into the intake there may be massive issues. To start the engine will start acting weird and will eventually seize depending on the amount of water that was pushed through the intake.

So now that you know an intake is further out the benefits may out way the cons it just depends on where you live and how you drive.


Now I myself have a cold air intake on my Gmc sierra it improved my gas mileage and engine performance. I myself have had snow on my intake but just got it off with my hands. I believe a cold air intake is the best thing you can buy as an aftermarket piece for any vehicle. Literally will pay for itself in a year or two for the amount of gas mileage that will go up. My truck originally got 12-13mpg then I reset to get a whopping 16-17mpg(in summer) in the winter it goes down to around 15mpg. At the end of the day this is a big saver in the long run. Thank you for reading this means a lot.

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