Hello today we will be going over potential reasons a car may be overheating while in idle and the possible things you may have to fix.

Having your engine overheating at idle is not small problem it’s a big problem that needs a solution fast. Engines that are overheating are at risk of warping and potential loss of engine life.

If the engine begins to overheat Immediately pull over and get a tow this way you will be able to save the car without major issues occurring to the vehicle.

Engine Coolant Temp Gauge | Fire Line Equipment

Bad coolant

One of the main reasons a car begins to overheat is the coolant system is at a fault. Coolants main job is to keep the engine at a certain temperature for best performance and gas mileage.

If a coolant level is low or is contaminated this could cause a plug in the system and lead to the engine to overheat while in traffic. This is a big cause to when a car overheats at idle.


The thermostats main purpose is to tell the coolant when to enter the engine so that it does not exceed the factory temperature. As the engine gets warmer the thermostat opens the valve allowing coolant into the engine while coolant in the engine gets out to cool down.

If there’s a problem with the thermostat the engine could be too cold or to hot since it may always be closed or always open. This causes the car overheating at idle leading to engine problems.

Cracked Radiator/Fan

These two are big things that can cause issues to come fast. This could happen while in stop and go traffic for the fan since there’s no air coming through the grill to keep the engine cooling down.

If it overheats only when you stop this means the fan may be broken or disconnected which is an easy fix. The cracked radiator is a different situation it is a loss of coolant and constant overheating which should be checked out immediately.

Never Open A Hot Radiator

The reason a fan may not be working could be multiple reasons to electrical failure, damaged fan, faulty radiator temp sensor and so on. There is even the possibility that something could be holding the fan blades back.

Well this is it thanks for reading means a lot this is it for car overheats at idle.

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