In this little article today I shall go over if the red coolant and the green coolant can be mixed. I do not mix my antifreeze I am very much with putting in the recommended car coolant into the car. Like if they wanted different kinds of coolant in the car the manual would say so..

Red antifreeze

There is a standard antifreeze that is red which meets or exceeds performance requirements. This is a Ethylene glycol based antifreeze providing the extended protection against rust and corrosion also pitting which is caused by cavitation for all coolant system metals.

The purpose of red antifreeze is to lower the freezing point and increase the boiling point making it a really good coolant. The key difference between red and green is that red lasts longer than the green antifreeze. Antifreeze which contains ethylene glycol and propylene glycol as the bases.

Green antifreeze

If the antifreeze inside the vehicle is green then it was made from and older formula which uses IAT. Green antifreeze is special made with tweaks to the formula to help specifically stop the radiator from the corrosion of metals and also inside the coolant system.

Green coolant was mainly used in vehicles before the year 2000 mostin which were built with more copper and steel components than most of our modern day vehicles.

The Green antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol which has been used in cars since probably the dark ages if i’m being honest. Green antifreeze did not replace the ethylene oxide until 1937 when it was required to be the standard for the industry. This was in a time when cars didn’t have all these rainbow selection of coolants just mix the green with the correct amount of water then bingo good for another 3 years.

Can you mix red and green coolant?

Yet again I say do not mix coolant unless you have passed rocket science cause then you are just out of this world so yeah. Anyway this case these are backwards compatible if you want to mix these to kinds of antifreeze together. Overall you don’t really want to mix those coolants together its not meant to be mixed or else they would have made that a coolant already.

The main difference between the coolants is red antifreeze lasts longer than the green.

Why is coolant so important?

well if you have ever run your car low on coolant you probably notice that it runs rough and may even start to smoke.

This is why you learn how to check the coolant levels inside of the engine bay. It is a very important part of the car to keep an eye on.

Once you have found out where the coolant is make sure it is full if not take it to the nearest shop so you do not have to worry about screwing it up. Or learn from this and go to O’reilly and get the correct coolant from them to put into the vehicle.

Once you have gotten the correct coolant pour that right in the reservoir make sure not to spill it will eat at other substances if left there.

Then once you are finished be proud you just did your own coolant on your own with little to no help. Now store that antifreeze incase you need it in the future it will come in handy.


When it is down to antifreeze I say keep it the same to cause no issue. In this case you can mix the coolants together but I say only do it if you have to because then you won’t feel as bad when it potentially fails. At the end of the day keep it normal and you should be a ok.

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