Today I will be going over if you are able to mix Pink and Green coolant. Personally I wouldn’t ever mix antifreeze I’d just rather put the recommended coolant into the said vehicle. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but it will cost you.

Pink antifreeze

Pink antifreeze is an OAT(organic acid technology) which the chemicals made into it offered a better protection towards the cooling systems, helping extended life of the coolant.

This kind of coolant is OEM extended life. It is recommended for the use in (2004-Present) Toyota,Scion,Lexus and other automotive and lighter duty vehicles requiring a phosphate based OAT engine coolant.

To get this antifreeze it should be in any car parts store or even online if you please make sure you get the correct kind of coolant for your car.

Green antifreeze

If the antifreeze in the car is green most likely that probably means it was made from an older formula that uses something called Inorganic Additive Technology(IAT). Green antifreeze is made with very special tweaks to the formula to specifically help prevent the radiator from the corrosion of metals and in the cooling system.

Green antifreeze is mainly used in vehicles used before the year 2000 which were built with more steel and copper components than in modern day vehicles.

Green antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol which has been used as long as I can remember, it did not replace ethylene oxide as the industry standard until 1937. Back when coolant wasn’t complicated just mix one part of the green antifreeze with one part water and boom good for up to 3 years.

Can you mix pink and green coolant?

Unless you are the expert on the exact chemical composition and reactions of the rainbow colored coolants. Keep it simple and stick to what the car says it is supposed to have in it. Mixing the wrong types of coolants could permanently damage your radiator causing more damage into the cooling system. Such as engine and water pump damage and a bill not worth keeping the car. Always stick to the recommended coolant to avoid any issues.

Importance of coolant

If you ever run low on coolant or even notice that the temperature gauge has moved a bit make sure to check if your car has coolant in the system.

If you do not know how to check the coolant for your car look into the owners manual it should define where to look and how to check it.

Once you have read the manual figure out if the coolant is above the minimum amount required in the system. If you need to get some antifreeze head to the nearest O’reilly and they will be able to give you the exact coolant you need to put into your car as long as you provide intel on the car.

Then once you have spent the 14$ or so on the correct coolant pour in the coolant until it is filled up to the line that says full. Then once finished you will most likely have extra left inside the jug. Leave it in your garage or even in the trunk of your car if it can be secured to stay upward.


When it comes to putting that sweet scent of coolant into your car. I am not good with the idea of mixing different colored coolants together. When instead you put in the correct coolant and have not a thing to worry about. If you want to experiment how long the car will last with a mix of different coolants be ready to waste a few thousand dollars to fix or buy a brand new car. End of the day just put in the right coolant better to be safe than sorry.

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