Here we are with another can you mix antifreeze article. I think I have said it enough but just to hammer that nail into your skull with the rest of the nuts and bolts. I do not recommend mixing any coolants the only coolant is the one straight from the jug that is currently already in you car.

Green antifreeze

The antifreeze that is green like the shamrock shake. Doesn’t have the same smell but that’s besides the point. This formula is a little older than the rest kind of like Doc hudson in lightning mcqueen. This formula is mainly meant for those older cars because they need the IAT. Which the green antifreeze is made of with some special tweaks to help prevent radiator from the corrosion of metals and inside of the cooling system.

Green antifreeze is mainly used in the vehicles manufactured before the year 2000 which these older cars were made with tons of steel and copper compared to the newer cars today.

Green antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol like basically the founding father of antifreeze used in almost the very beginning. In that case it did not replace the Ethylene oxide until 1937. In this era of time this was like the only coolant around so you actually had to mix it with water properly to make it work. Then it would be good for 3 years.

Blue antifreeze

The blue antifreeze provides OEM extended life which extends past the performance requirements. This coolant is very protective towards rust and corrosion in the coolant system. It also provides extraordinary high temperature aluminum protection.

The blue coolant has been made to be used in the Infiniti,Nissan,Mazda and Mitsubishi vehicles. It has a anti corrosion long life coolant meant to last at least a 5 year time period in the radiator before needing a change. The blue coolant has small difference in case for these rather than one meant for Nissan and Mazda.

Mixing Blue and Green antifreeze

You can mix these two kinds of coolants together. Yet again I will say not to change what the manual says and mix it because coolant is not meant to be mixed or they would sell it to us. Overall some Hondas can do this I do not recommend it but if you wanna chance it go for it.

Coolant is key

Remember coolant is what keeps the car from overheating so it is very important to know how to check the coolant in your car.

If you have never checked your coolant this is the time to shine. Look into your car manual and do some reading. Once the location of the coolant reservoir has been established time to figure out if it is filled up.

To check if the coolant is full all you have to do is just see where the line is on the reservoir and make sure it is at full and not below min. If the coolant line is below minimum go get your coolant from the nearest O’reilly and they will be with open arms to help you figure out what kind of coolant you need to put into your car.

Then once you have the coolant pour it in until it is at the full line then boom its full. Keep the extra coolant somewhere incase you ever have to use it again.


Here we are talking about mixing coolants this idea to me is very bad. Just stick to what is currently in your car or ask the mechanic that has been servicing the car. They will tell you flat out to not mix coolant there’s no point to chancing the car when the product is so easily obtainable. At the end of the day just put in the recommended coolant to avoid a headache.

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