Today I will be going over a commonly asked question is does your tire cause the so called death wobble?

First of all what is a death wobble? A death wobble is when driving a car it starts to literally wobble. Kinda bounces a bit you notice it constantly.

When a car has this it is a big deal the death wobble could mean a big plot of money waiting to go into this car.

First when you feel the death wobble the first chance you get check your tires PSI. If you do not know what that means you can check out my other posts that go further in depth about it.

So for example my moms car had a death wobble for a bit because the car had not gotten any new tires and or an alignment.

Due to not getting the alignment the right rear tire had been wearing out really badly and eventually started to cause issues with driving the car.

So make sure to get an alignment to even out the wear on the tires because if you do not the experience driving that car for a bit was not fun!


With this death wobble it affects the drivers steering hard. From my experience steering the vehicle is a nightmare. If anyone has driven a truck with a trailer behind and it swings back and fourth this is what it feels like.

So what should you do in the meantime if it is hard to steer the car with this death wobble going on?

Well until you can get a shop to look at the vehicle park this car. Do not risk the chance of making the wobble worse.

Ball joint

So what if the car is taken into the shop and they say it is not your tires but a ball joint,track bar etc.

This will mean the fix may range from a measly bolt being tightened to a whole catastrophe going on.

Now to further explain if there’s a ball joint issue the cost to fix this will be around 500$-1000$.

What a ball joint does is hole up the front suspension of the vehicle if the ball joint loaded. It helps provide a pivoting movement between the steering knuckles to the control arms.

This means if the ball joint goes bad a lot of issues could immediately happen such as the death wobble. Other issues include excessive tire wear,steering is hard to control,vibrating,shaking and squeaking/clunking noises.


Shocks are one of the main components that hold the vehicles frame up while driving. Their are 4 shocks one for each corner of your vehicle.

If a shock goes out the vehicle will feel like your on a roller coaster going up and down without any control. This is an uncomfortable situation I had all bad shocks on my truck and bald tires.

The truck would quite literally jump on every little bump in the road. I highly suggest getting good shocks.

If you want to buy/look at shocks go here

Just put in your vehicle and the correct information then the product should show right up. If this isn’t the ideal way head to Orielly they know what you’ll need.

Tire rods

Tire rods are the thing that helps steer your tires in the correct direction. This is also connected the lower control arm area.

If a tire rod gets bent or is starting to wear it will start to cause the death wobble. The tire rod will work against your steering and potentially snap.

The tire rod may even cause the ball joint to go out do the stress of a bent tie rod pushing on it to hard.

Worn Bushings

If the car has a worn out bushing will make the vehicle harder to drive. It will cause metal to metal scrapping making rattling noises when you drive.

Also clunking when the car makes sharp turns or hitting the brakes. Vehicle feels like it is trembling on the front end area. Steering is harder to handle.

If you believe the car has worn bushings take it to a shop to get it checked out it should be no more than 75$-150$ to get it replaced.

Control arms

The control arms are apart of the vehicles suspension frame. The control arms are connected through the frame component called brushings while they connect to the suspension through the ball joint.

If a control arm goes out it could lead to the death wobble,bad bearings and excessive wear on the tires.

This is possible the worst one to go out the price range is 500$-1000$ to get the control arms fixed and potentially a bad ball joint.

Sway bar

Sway bars are meant to stop the vehicle from swaying left to right. Also helps maintain control on bad roads or in bad weather scenarios.

Its main purposes is to make sure the vehicle does not roll over. It is a U shaped steel bar that is connected to the front wheels of the vehicle.

When the vehicle takes a turn.the vehicles body weight shifts to one side while the body goes the same direction as the tires.

Why is this important? This may also cause your tire to be under a lot of stress causing the death wobble while you turn.

Overall the sway bar mainly helps shift the body weight so you do not put all the pressure on the one side of the vehicle, but rather balance it out.


In this article I have gone over the subjects in which in turn do cause the death wobble. The question “Can tires cause death wobble?” Yes the tires can cause the death wobble in most cases it will not be the tire but another component. Such as wheel bearings,Tie rods,Sway bar or a bad alignment. Overall if the vehicle you own gets a death wobble or has any of these defects I highly recommend that you bring that car to the shop when possible before more issue occur and make the problem a bigger problem.

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