Hello my name is Devin, but my friends called me Dev-Dog. If you wanna ever contact me about anything please reach me by email. I will respond within a few hours.

here is a picture at a dance with my girlfriend Kylie and I. I know i’m such a stud.

Growing up

My life wasn’t the greatest growing up but that is besides the point. I grew up with my mom and my younger brother Michael. We had to move around a bit and saw my dad on the weekends.

To this day I can still remember learning to work on cars with my dad and older brother Andrew. Working on my dads classic 1979 Cutlass supreme and riding in it brought me tons of joy.

Which is where my love of cars and working on them had slowly started to grow.

Elementary/ Middle school era

Since we moved around a lot in general both my parents worked a lot of hours even though they were not together.

My grandmas house is basically where I had grown up until the 8th grade I would be there early morning after my mother would drop us off. Then later the school bus and be there until like 6:30 sometimes later.

Holidays were split I spend time with both parents despite them not being able to stay in a room together without arguing.

While I was at my grandmas growing up she was basically the daycare for my cousins as well. We all grew up together and to this day play video games and talk about working.

Eventually we had all gotten Xboxs and played as much as we could together and my cousin Lance is who I got along with the most. We may not talk a whole lot as of right now but I always looked up to him even though he’s 3 months older than me.

My school life I didn’t have many friends throughout middle school I would hangout with Lances friends a lot more than with the few friends I managed to make.

To make friends I tried out sports which I wasn’t very good at but I still enjoyed it such as football,basketball,baseball and track.

I was never good at school though. To me I never really understood the reason behind the worth you get from school and I never really cared to try.

Soon those grades had caught up to me and I knew that if I didn’t pass that future opportunities so I had to hit the books. My grades improved not much but to keep me happy.

High school

Well eventually I somehow made it to high school. I became very talkative as two middle schools converged into one. Where I got to meet many awesome people to name a few Tommy, Chaz, Bryce, Carsten, Ian, Austin, Dan, Michael, and Ethan. To name the best one it would have to be Kylie mmm so beautiful so lucky to have her by my side.

While meeting these people I got a job at a fast food place where Tommy, Chaz, Austin, and Ian all eventually worked at as well. I was working so many hours it was insane.

Then I had gotten enough money to buy my truck

This is the first vehicle I had ever bought and it had some major issues that needed to be solved which furthered my love for cars even more.

After I had gotten my truck I began to start working out more than I normally would. Tommy would always get on my butt about not working out or starting a website.

Which I had never listened and continued working and bought and other car my 1983 oldsmobile cutlass supreme because I liked my fathers car so much.

Which is a major project car that is my money pit. While continuing to work hard I bought another car my 1999 pontiac grand am.

I always liked working on cars with my friends pulling up in my truck with a loud exhaust and rev the thing so loudly.

I always wanted to help people understand cars and the importance which is why I finally started this website and hopefully people will find the information useful.

Thank you for reading my about me Page. If there’s anything you’d like to know in more detail please email me and I will be more than happy to talk about my life. Contact me via email for the best response time if you would like to know more.